• Simplifying

    routine tests

    A smart toilet platform that fully automates point-of-care urine diagnostics

  • What We Test

    A better way to perform common point-of-care urine tests


    Screen women of childbearing age to determine proper course of care and prevent exposure to teratogenic medications and procedures

    General Urinalysis

    Test for a standard panel of urine biomarkers that indicate a range of disorders, including UTIs, kidney disease and diabetes

  • How It Works

    Point-of-collection diagnostics in 5 minutes




    In the restroom, the patient scans their patient ID wristband on the device



    The patient urinates directly into the device-enabled toilet



    The device processes & analyzes the urine for ordered tests



    The device sends the point-of-care test results to the EMR system

  • Workflow-Compatible Features

    Designed for practical clinical use

    Continuous Testing

    Test cartridges perform a full day of tests without clinical staff intervention, requiring once-a-day replenishment

    Lab Collection

    A separate sterile, midstream sample can be simultaneously collected for centralized lab tests, like urine cultures


    An automated wash cycle sterilizes the device after each use, preventing cross-contamination of patient results

    QA Checks

    Quality assurance checks are automated to ensure compliance with CLIA policies

  • Clinical Impact

    We enable clinical staff to focus on patient care, not procedures

    No more idle cups

    Provide faster, more timely patient care

    No more mistakes

    Act on more reliable diagnostics by eliminating user errors

    No more mess

    Create a more hygienic and comfortable patient experience

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